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At Nerd as a Service we get excited about new, emerging and/or booming technologies. Blockchain is one of those technologies which has emerged in the last couple of years. We've decided that now is the right time for you to get more insight in blockchain and were it stands in the business world today.

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To get you more insight in blockchain we created the first official Nerd as a Service ebook. What is it that makes this specific ebook stand out from all the others? Well, in this ebook we provide you with examples, tips and tricks, a special FAQ section, but most importantly we included exclusive interviews with blockchain experts in the field. They will tell you about business cases they have been a part of and they will give their opinion on the future of blockchain technology. Reading about their experiences will tell you a lot about the possibilities but also about the things you need to be careful with.

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“The blockchain technology itself is fantastic, the peer to peer communication without the middleman.”

Kees Plas_

Partner at BDO advisory technology

Being a technical solution partner

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An internal loyalty program based on distributed ledger and blockchain?A bike sharing platform based on blokchain? We can hear you think: “that’s not the blockchain as we know it from the cryptocurrency world.” Well, that’s correct. Blockchain is starting to become more popular for organizations with problems you won’t necessarily would have thought to solve with blockchain. Because of these new business cases presented to the world, blockchain is starting to get rid of the “negative” cryptocurrency stigma.

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If you want to start with blockchain, or you simply want to learn more about blockchain then this ebook is a must have for you! All you have to do is leave your email address and we will send you the download link. Once you have downloaded the ebook, it is yours to read whenever you want!

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