Blockchain in 2019_

23 Jan 2019

Author: Jeroen Bulters

Why Blockchain is here to stay in 2019_

When talking about new technologies, a lot of times the word ‘blockchain’ comes up. Now that blockchain technology is more and more used, or at least experimented with, by several organisations, there is more information available about how it can help innovate organisations or their products. There are also cases in which blockchain didn’t fit, but that only gives more perspective on where and when to use it, or not.. After explaining blockchain in the first article, it is now time to explain why blockchain is going to make a difference in 2019.

More understanding of the technology_

By presenting more and more blockchain cases, the tech world is starting to understand where blockchain fits a company and where not. It gives a clear view and develops more understanding about this technology, which helps to adopt it or stay away from it with the right arguments.

That means opponents know exactly when to oppose to it and other arguments they used to contribute can be refute. Opposers on the other hand can be more critical towards the arguments why they think blockchain is a perfect match, they simply know better what works and what not.

Blockchain gets rid of the cryptocurrency stigma_

Because of the link with cryptocurrency, blockchain seemed a bit vague. Not everyone wanted to dive into the possibilities because of the negative association with cryptocurrencies. When new business cases, such as supply chain innovations, are presented it will get easier to understand what blockchain is and how it can help organisations innovate. This together with the fact that more and more people are naming it the distributed ledger technology will help blockchain get rid of the negative stigma created by cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is evolving_

When new technology is introduced, it takes a little time for technical leaders to test and improve it. In 2019 there are a lot people working on improving blockchain technology. For example, the scalability of blockchain is an issue. Currently people all over the world are working on ‘side chains’ that help improve the performance and scalability of blockchain.

Blockchain knowledge is more available_

Blockchain is getting more mature, that means that technical leaders know how to use it and how to innovate organizations with it. Good blockchain consultants are easier to find and they can show a track record with testing and implementing blockchain based solutions. So if you are interested in blockchain, find yourself a good consultant that can help you build a solid business case.

Nerd as a Service and blockchain_

Here at Nerd as a Service we implemented several blockchain cases. For example, take a look at our KLM or Bosch case. Would you like to discuss blockchain possibilities or find out how blockchain can support innovation in your organisation? Get in touch!