Blockchain on the ICPA conference_

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Thanks for attending the presenatation about blockchain given by me: Jeroen Bulters on the ICPA conference in Orlando. I would like to give you the oppurtunity to get a second look at the presentation. You can also read more about blockchain in our ebook and: "A blockchain master you will be", as Yoda would say.

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Blockchain ebook_

To get you more insight in blockchain we created a Nerd as a Service ebook solely about this technology. What makes this specific ebook so interesting? Well, in this ebook we provide you with examples, tips and tricks, a special FAQ section, but most importantly we included exclusive interviews with blockchain experts in the field. They will tell you about business cases they have been a part of and they will give their opinion on the future of blockchain technology. Reading about their experiences will tell you a lot about the possibilities but also about the things you need to be careful with.

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