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Yannick Caron_

Meet Yannick!_

Yannick Caron started as our Nerdy Intern, but not as just an ordinary intern, no, he started as a business developing intern. After college there is one thing he has his sights on, starting his own company. He still hasn’t figured out yet what kind of company, but he studies Entrepreneurship, so that is just a minor detail.

Yannick lives in Heerhugowaard, a small city nearby Alkmaar. He lives there because both of his parents live in Heerhugowaard, even though they were originally from Leiden.

Nerdy internship_

After meeting Jeroen, Yannick was excited to start his internship with Nerd as a Service. ‘Jeroen was enthusiastic about Nerd as a Service and about being able to help interns like me. Because he was so enthusiastic I became interested in doing my internship at Nerd as a Service, I saw loads of opportunities that could help me understand how a business works. I also knew that Jeroen could learn me a lot because he has worked in so many different organizations and he experienced various situations within those organizations’.

Yannick has some hardcore social skills which helps Nerd as a Service. He is good in aligning tasks with skills and working together as a team. Because he is always out looking for new business ideas, he spots opportunities that help Nerd as a Service.

Work hard, play hard_

During his internship Yannick focused on the marketing and communications side of the company, which he still does now that he works here. Together with Jeroen he is defining what Nerd as a Service stands for and what kind of companies Nerd as a Service can help. Besides this, he is always in for a game of pool and he even brought a nerf gun to work, to spice things up a bit.

“Life is too short to stress out”

After a week of work hard, play hard, Yannick plays a soccer match on Saturday. He is a goalie so he’s either very busy or waiting for the end signal. It doesn’t matter if they lose, because the team already defined their skills are mostly used after the game when the beer drinking begins. Yannick also has a girlfriend who he gave a 5 foot 10 teddy bear on her birthday and he likes to watch Formula one on Sundays.

Coffee nerd_

“Coffee should be drank black, or you’d better drink something else”

As you can read Yannick is very particular about coffee. There’s no need to discuss that any further. Yannick is a marketing nerd out of a million. Working hard, fits the team and willing to learn (and brings us a good cup of black coffee).

Want to drink a good (i.e. black) cup of coffee with Yannick and meet the other nerds, contact us! +31(0)884 654 545

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