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Lieke Danenberg_

Meet Lieke_

Lieke Theresia Ursula Danenberg a.k.a the marketing & data nerd. Her main goal is letting the world know about the cool stuff Nerd as a Service is doing. ‘The knowledge and power of Nerd as a Service is a story that must be shouted out to the world’.

Lieke has experience with IT companies because she used to lead one herself as COO. But her roots are in marketing, and after a while she couldn’t resist going back to that. Her expertise lies in setting up a marketing strategy, analysing data and refining that strategy. So that fits perfectly in the wonderfull world of nerds.

Making nerds approachable_

‘After Jeroen and I met and were discussing the marketing strategy, I saw the potential of Nerd as a Service, and a lot of possibilities to show that potential off on various communication channels’. Her real challenge is to make the world of nerds approachable for everyone. That is why she is constantly looking for ways to translate a technical story to something that is understandable for everyone.

Lieke is always working from a strategy combined with business goals. She knows a lot about marketing and data analytics and has helped a lot of companies getting their marketing stuff in order.

Small quiet town_

Lieke lives in Obdam with her husband and two kids and likes the quietness. She does not like the fact that Jeroen lives less than 100 meters down the street. But on the other hand, if he is throwing a party, at least it is nearby. She likes to exercise in her free time;, running, cycling, an occasional bootcamp and HIIT workouts in the gym. Exercising is important, so she can maintain her love for food and a good glass of wine.

“You can be a person who makes things happen instead of a person who wondered what happened”.

Because she is very pragmatic, Lieke is always looking forward and trying to implement new ideas and using new cool stuff to get better results. ‘If you’re not moving forward, you’ll eventually fall behind’.

Ok, Lieke, we’ll try to keep up….

A nerd in balance_

So, Lieke likes to live in a contrast, fast moving work life, little town quietness. If we gave her a million euro, she would pay off her house or move away from Jeroen. And she would probably build a winecellar underneath her house, combined with a full equipted gym.

“Everything needs a balance.”

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