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Robbert de Jel_

Meet Robbert_

Meet this nerd: Robbert de Jel, a student who lives and studies in Alkmaar. He found us through a mix and match event on his school where he became interested in us because he liked our way of working. One thing led to the other and he became one of the nerds!

“I honestly loved the way things were handled within NaaS and now that I work here, I can confirm that that is still the case.”

But what does Robert study? Well, he started with application development before stepping up his game by starting a study in technical computer science.

Let’s see where his interest in computer science came from and what drives him to do the things he does.

Programming at eleven years old_

As you might know, programming can be difficult and confusing sometimes. This was also the case for Robbert when he started programming at just eleven years old.

“Difficult and confusing” — that are not two words that will stop Robbert from achieving what he wants.

“I like a challenge; I never give up and I see things through till the end.”

The challenges our customers present us with can be difficult and might not always seem doable. But those are the challenges we like the most, so never giving up is a very good skill to have if you are a nerd (Looking at our definition of a nerd).

“Another day”_

It will not be a surprise for many people, as Robbert is a student, but he likes to watch a movie, play video games, and go out for some drinks in his free time. He doesn’t really have a strict planning when he is free because he just likes to see what the day will bring.

Tying in with that “Another day” are two words Robbert lives by, given the fact that every day could be your last. Those words will make you — according to Robbert — appreciate your time a lot more. Everyday he strives to be a better person than he was the day before.

America? England? (Or maybe still at NaaS 😉)_

If we look at the things Robbert lives by, it is certainly not a surprise that he isn’t entirely sure where he is going to be in ten years from now. He says he might want to go to America or England, but if we get a say in it, we obviously like him to stay here at Nerd as a Service.

That he doesn’t know where he likes to be in about ten years, doesn’t mean he hasn’t any advice as to what you should do at least once in your life:

“Base jumping”

Need Robbert’s help?_

Robbert’s enthusiasm for computer science is an asset for any organization. Technical challenges? Not a problem. Get in touch now to have Robbert help you take on those challenges.

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