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Frank de Ruiter_

Meet Frank!_

While browsing the Nerd as a Service website Frank totally felt the buzz of NaaS. After a cup-of-coffee-meeting with Jeroen it was clear that Frank fitted right in. They agreed to let Frank do his internship here to complete his blockchain consultant training.

Originally he was educated to be a math teacher. Part of this study was to program software to help students do extra math exercises. Frank loved it and after graduating he switched to the world of IT, starting at a large financial institution.

He learned about designing, building, testing and implementing software. Maintaining it while using the appropriate incident, problem and change management procedures. Developing both the waterfall and of course the agile way. Talking to business colleagues and together find the essential requirements. Now he can put all of his experience of those years at the bank at use in the Nerd as a Service projects.


Frank’s main focus is blockchain. As we at Nerd as a Service have done a lot of projects concerning blockchain, Frank knocked the door at the right time to further scope on this area. He can link the business needs and expectations to the appropriate blockchain solution and also help them build a PoC (proof of concept).

Being eager to learn new things, it doesn’t matter which tool or platform is used for the blockchain; Frank will dive into new technologies whenever that is needed. So whether it’s Python, Java, Solidity, or Hyperledger Fabric with chaincode, let’s go do this!

“So much fun stuff I want to do in life and all at the same time. Work is my way to actually focus on a few of them and conveniently get rewarded for it as well ;-).”


He’s known to think out of the box and to be creative. Frank finds joy in losing himself in coding, but can’t be happy if that part of work isn’t complemented with human interaction. And all of it topped with a good laugh and a pile of fun.

Frank is ‘married with children’ and lives in Hoorn. He likes to spend his non-working time on video editing, speculating on financial and crypto markets and playing hide-and-seek with his Beagle. When he’s not helping out the kids with their homework, he’s trying to beat the Rubik’s cube high score of his eldest daughter, unfortunately without success so far.

If we gave Frank 1 million euros he would pay off his house (popular answer :-) and dig a cellar to have some more room for making noise, having fun, and perhaps store some (port) wine. Also seeing some more of the world, funding some good charity and get the kids through university would be money well spent.

Work with Frank?_

Are you thinking about working with blockchain, Frank can help you decide if blockchain is the way to go!

Don’t hesitate and contact us to get to know our Nerds!

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