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Arnout Schekkerman_

Meet Arnout_

Arnout Schekkerman, 23 years old, lives in Schoorl, and initially interested in Nerd as a Service because of the interesting look of the building we are located in ;).

Of course, that’s definitely not the only reason he ended up in our team. Once he applied for a job here, he met Jeroen.

“Jeroen was very enthusiastic about the work he and the team do. Most importantly he showed me that there are loads of opportunities for me to learn new things whilst working at Nerd as a Service.”

Let’s learn more about Arnout’s skills, motivations, and goals to see what else he brings to the table.

“A jack of all trades”_

Arnout studied technical computer science. But at Nerd as a Service, we don’t only look at what someone studied. You’ll need other skills that’ll help you take on the – sometimes difficult – challenges our clients face.

“A jack of all trades” – those are the words Arnout used to describe himself.

“I know a bit about a lot of things so that I can come up with a solution to a problem in almost every case.”

Besides that Arnout is very willing to help. He doesn’t mind to help colleagues with their challenges. Combine all these skills together and then you’ll see he made a strong case to hire him.

Master of none?_

You can get your motivation out of many things. Family, life in general or money are some examples. But for Arnout his motivation comes from the fun of fixing things, making things work and solving challenges.

But Arnout is still not completely satisfied with himself. Like the proverb says: “A jack of all trades is a master of none.” This is why he wants to master a few of his skills to become a more self-confident programmer (and not a master of none).

Pushing yourself to always become better. Motivated by solving challenges. Jup, these are the things we like to see at Nerd as a Service. Convinced that Arnout fits our team yet?

Enough with the serious stuff_

Skills, motivations, and goals. It’s all so serious. Therefore, let’s see what Arnout enjoys outside of his work. This will help you get a complete picture of Arnout as a person.

When Arnout isn’t at the office, you will find him playing his guitar or riding his racing cycle. You can also catch him printing something in 3D or innovating his home with smart home products.

And finally, if you give him a million euros he will pay off his student loans and travel. He likes traveling a lot and he has one advice as to what you must do at least once in your life:

“Go live abroad for a year.”

Work with Arnout_

Arnout is ready to work with you. He wants to get to know your organization and especially your challenges (so he can solve them for you 😉). Contact us now to see what he can do for you.

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