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Michelle Spit_

Meet Michelle_

Michelle Spit studied International Business. She was intrigued to know how businesses work and what responsibilities different departments have, which allowed her to learn more about where her preferences lie regarding her talents and expertise. She noticed that she likes to work on projects, get things done (!), be involved with different cultures and views on various matters, and enjoy solving problems together and making businesses more professional and efficient.

But she also loved the subject: Information Security. Michelle is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge. ‘Every year, information security will become more important, which is why it is important to keep on top of this topic.’

Having a broad knowledge of Information Security, Michelle started at Nerd as a Service on the first of March 2022 as a consultant. What made Nerd as a Service so appealing to Michelle?

“NaaS provided me with a chance to practice my experience within an even broader range of clients than I was used to. It is a small company which means I can help it grow, which keeps me motivated. Helping companies professionalize and grow every day.”

“Structure to chaos”_

Heiloo is the lovely town where Michelle lives with her boyfriend and dog because of its central position and green surroundings with many nice walking areas for her to walk her dog. She likes it because it is also close to the beach, Amsterdam, and of course Alkmaar, where Nerd as a Service is situated.

So what makes Michelle the perfect nerd for our Nerd as a Service? Michelle has a lot of experience in implementing ISO standards, e.g., ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 22301, and ISO 9001, and conducting internal audits.

Michelle gets her motivation from her natural desire to bring structure to chaos and gets energy from structuring processes, procedures, information, etc. For her, being structured is a huge benefit when working with standards. She does this by always maintaining a helicopter view, ensuring everything is in check. If it is not, she will be able to detect it early to take measurements that will help prevent or mitigate incidents.

Michelle also describes herself as someone who is very customer-focused. She will make sure all customers from Nerd as a Service are treated well, and meeting or exceeding their expectations is what keeps her going.

“I like to go that extra mile, so customers do not have to worry.”

“What you keep in you heart, you will never forget”_

According to Michelle, you should try to make every day worthwhile. “What you keep in your heart, you will never forget”, she said. Focus on the good things that happen and try to learn from your mistakes. Where she adds: “Life is too short to worry; make the most of it!”

So how does Michelle make her days worthwhile? Michelle loves taking her dog out for walks with her boyfriend and cooking cannelloni when hanging out with friends. She also likes to game and currently plays Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla. Michelle enjoys studying and continues learning about new subjects even in her spare time. Besides this, Michelle finds it satisfying to tear off labels from, e.g. jars and bottles, which she doesn’t know why.

Business owner_

In ten years, Michelle will be a successful business owner helping companies grow by structuring their processes and sharing her knowledge. If you gave her a million euros, she would invest it in her own business but also take a holiday and donate to a foundation involved in animal welfare.

So, being Michelle with her goal to become a business owner, it comes as no surprise that the advice she has in store for us:

“Meeting goals you first thought were unrealistic. Achieving goals feels amazing!”

Work with Michelle now_

Michelle’s enthusiasm for information security is an asset for any organization. Do you think Michelle is the nerd you need? Contact us now to see what she can do for you.