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Mark Vlaar_

Meet Mark!_

After coincidentally running into Jeroen during a meeting, Mark was instantly interested in our vision. “I was charmed by NaaS’s vision to consult and lead projects with a strong discipline dependent nature which requires open and diligent professionals”.

Mark is someone with a natural passion for IT. Even though he studied Mechanical Engineering he felt that his passion for IT was too strong to overlook. That’s why he decided to switch and go and find an IT related job, which brought him to us.

He is very eager to take on the challenges presented to him and it’s time to get to know this nerd.


Even when he’s not at the office, he is still busy with his passion voor IT. Managing dozens of servers and programming media platforms are things written down in his agenda for the weekend.

He does all of this in a little place called “Benningbroek”. Benningbroek is a small village which is about 35 minutes away from the office.

“I enjoy the togetherness of people, and the beauty of the countryside.”

His creative nature and his passion for IT are not the only reasons he is a good fit for Nerd as a Service. Mark is also an excellent technical problem solver with a broad technical knowledge. He is a social person and not afraid to take on difficult technical problems of our clients.

Learning and growing_

Now that we know how Mark found us and what makes him a good fit for us, it’s time to dig a bit deeper and find out what defines Mark as a person. He gets his motivations out of his natural drive to learn and grow.

“The urge to learn and grow, becoming better than today drives me everyday to do the things I do, the way I do.”

He is also appreciative and realistic about the things he has in his life, if we gave him 1 million euros he wouldn’t want to change a thing. Eventually he would start to search for a small apartment, “but now isn’t the right time to buy”.

A passion for IT, creative, social, motivated and realistic are the key words we can take away after reading this short story about Mark. We are happy he joined the club of “nerds” and we know he’s a good fit for our organization.

Meet Mark?_

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