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Ben Wels_

Meet Ben_

Ben Wels, a nerdy intern that started at the beginning of September in 2019. He likes diversity in work and values personal growth. These are actually the two main reasons Ben wanted to do his internship here at Nerd as a Service.

“I liked the possibilities and diversity of projects and solutions that NaaS delivers and strives to complete. The personal growth that is wanted and expected when you work at NaaS is a great driving force to keep on improving myself and my skills.”

Now we know his reasons to join us, let’s get the whole story of this nerd: Ben Wels.

“Solutions ….. not problems”_

Ben describes himself as an analytical and creative thinker. He has the natural drive to think in solutions instead of problems. He learned that this is essential while creating his own business and working on his own development projects. Being on your own helps you to develop some useful skills that you didn’t own before.

Currently, Ben is studying business IT & management in order to be able to translate the clients’ needs in a more effective way.

“My reason for this education is that I like to translate the clients’ wishes and problems into applicable technological solutions.”

Once he has finished this study he has a whole new set of skills to add to his arsenal. Of course, we hope that he can then use that new set of skills on a definite basis here at Nerd as a Service.

full stack developer & travel the world_

Ten years from now, Ben wants to be a full stack developer and travel the world.

But nowadays, Ben keeps himself busy with bouldering and archery when he’s not at his desk. He also likes to play around with his 3d printer or develop his own games.

What really drives him to do all these things?:

“Finding the right solutions and self-improvement are my daily motivations.”

So we’ve learned that Ben is a person that likes adventure, likes to think in solutions and is always trying to improve himself. So, what adventurous thing do we need to do at least once in our lives Ben?:

“Bungee jumping. It doesn’t matter if you have a fear of heights. Being able to view back on the thrill that experience gives, is something that stays with you forever.”

Work with Ben now!_

Ben is ready to work for your organization and come up with solutions specially customized for you. Contact us now!

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