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Here at nerd as a service, we believe that technical leadership is being able to make a team operate in an effective and efficient manner that is in line with the technical strategy of the organization. To do this, a technical leader needs to understand both the technical and organizational challenges he can face during a project. Our consultants don’t mess with the technical strategy of organizations, we make sure that strategy will be executed properly.

Technical leadership by Nerd as a Service_

We know that assigning a technical leader to a team is crucial for running successful projects. Teams without a technical leader are almost never able to run themselves which will result in chaos during the project. Chaos is something a technical leader will never allow and he or she will always try to avoid.

We’ve seen that a lot of organizations are struggling to find the right person to lead a development or product team. This is because experts, who combine technical expertise and leadership skills, are harder to come by these days. That’s why our consultants are experts at combining these two factors to fill this gap in organizations.

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Peforming on high level to lead a software team

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"I very much liked the enthusiasm of Nerd as a Service and also his ability to work with all sorts of people"

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Our consultants have excellent technical skills with the drive to understand the challenges an organization can face during different projects. These skills enables them to be good technical leaders for different organizations.They have no problem with working in big organizations, because we already work for some really big organizations like KLM, Bosch and Deloitte.

So what can you expect from our consultants? At nerd as a service, our consultants are as approachable as possible during the projects they run. They make it very easy for project members to ask them questions and will take enough time to answer these questions. Our consultants are very transparent about what they do and they are straight to the point and honest when they give advice.

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Our technical leaders_

In the role of technical leader they will use their excellent technical skills to help the different members of a project team and they will use their organizational skills to keep the team in line. They will try to understand the strengths of each member and use them in a way that suits them. He or she will be the ‘go to person’ for every single member of the project team. In this way, members will always know that they have an expert to fall back on.

Because the Nerd as a Service consultants know what they are dealing with, they can help you make a clear estimate as to how long the technical part of your project will take. This helps you to account for the amount of time you need to finish a project when you are making a deal with your customer.

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Are you going to start with a major project and you need a technical leader. We are sure one of our consultants will be able to come and help you out. All you need to do is give us a call and before you know it you have your own nerd to lead your team and complete your project.