Technical Validation_

If you are currently using a piece of software but you’re having doubts about the quality of it. We can help you understand if it helps your organisation or not!

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Researching software_

We are excellent at researching software programs in many ways. We can check if the quality standards you or an external party set, are still being used. This can vary from checking the correctness of the algorithms to checking if you implemented it in the right way.

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Researching software

Advising and implementing_

By understanding your software program and the set of user stories your organization uses. We can give advice on how or if you should use the software program you are currently using. Do you need any help changing things or implementing any software, no problem, we are there to help you out!

Experience with technical validation

Experience with validation processes_

Our consultants have worked on several cases in which they validated the software of helped validating the software. Curious about those cases? Read about Deloitte or the KLM case.

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