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According to the dictionary: “A single-minded expert in a particular technical field.”

At Nerd as a Service: “A multi-minded expert in different technical fields with excellent skills to understand organizations.”

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We are a tactical software consultancy agency specializing in implementation support, quality and assurance, software engineering, technical validation, and transaction services.

The professionals at Nerd as a Service support organizations large and small with defining, understanding, breaking down and solving technical challenges. The solutions our professionals provide are customized for your organizations.

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As a software consultancy firm we like to stay on top of all booming technologies. Every now and then we publish an in depth article or ebook about a certain technology. The latest and greatest we've published is the offical Nerd as a Service ebook about blockchain.

This ebook contains explainations, an FAQ section, Tips&tricks and last but certainly not least we've asked field experts to share their knowledge and experience in exclusive interviews.

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