Helping out with Blockchain_

Deloitte needed some help with implementing Blockchain, so they called a Nerd to help out!

To help Deloitte out, we filled the tech lead position for the technical side of the blockchain team they had. We did this during a period of 6 months. In that short period of time, it was important to keep the team motivated and moving forward. As well as checking their work to make sure the deadline was managed. It required a consultant who could physically and mentaly be the linking pin between higher management and the members of the team.

After working hard for 6 months…..

View on our work_

Tommie van der Bosch, senior manager blockchain at Deloitte, was very pleased with the way Jeroen worked. Van der Bosch: ‘Jeroen is very good in making clear and understandable statements, he has strong communication skills. Besides that he is flexible, technically skilled and helps out a manager as well as a developer.


Because Nerd as a Service has experience with working in big organisations, they know very well how to organize their work and how to manage teams and executives.