ISO 27001 Foleon_

Just recently we’ve helped Foleon get an ISO27001 certification. This certification shows that an organization can protect your information in the right way. Foleon is an organization that builds a great platform to help other organizations make interactive and creative web content for any device.

Growing presents challenges_

Being a fast growing SaaS (Software as a Service) organization, like Foleon is, comes with challenges. One of those challenges is that you need to prove that you can handle your, but most importantly, the customer’s information with great care. It’s now time to take a look at how we’ve guided them and what they thought of our way of working.”

About 1 year of guidance_

Foleon got to us via a mutual acquaintance. After they decided that we could help them get that ISO27001 certificate, we started working like we usually do. In order for us to do our work properly and with the quality that we and our customers desire, we need to get to know the organization first. We started to look at the challenges Foleon had on a technical and organizational level. When we felt like we knew everything about Foleon, we started by creating an information security policy.

In the (about) 12 months after we implemented this policy and finished the control cycle. This was to make sure that the policy fitted the organization and didn’t demand too much of the employees.

“NaaS makes obtaining a certificate easy and ensures that the changes have minimal impact on the organization.”

Joost Galama, Co-founder of Foleon

High quality, professional, but still relaxed_

One of our key values is that we want to deliver the same quality that the big 4 consultancy firms deliver, but we like to do that while being as approachable as a startup (That we still kind of are). The people at Foleon agree that we showed this during this collaboration:

“The atmosphere was relaxed, both with the audit and in all meetings. NaaS has a lot of knowledge and experience and therefore the auditor was sometimes contradicted. If NaaS had not jumped in on this, we would have put a lot of work on our shoulders, which would not have contributed to our ISP.”

Joost Galama, Co-founder of Foleon

“It takes two to tango”_

We most certainly can not take all the credit for Foleon’s certification. From the first moment on, the management and employees at Foleon took on this challenge with both hands. They showed the commitment you need to have in order to reach certain levels of maturity in your organization. An ISO27001 certification is a part of proving that you, as an organization, are maturing.

What’s next?_

Recertification is next! Both we and Foleon hope we can continue our collaboration by guiding them through the recertification process as well. Go checkout Foleon if you need some interactive and creative webcontent for your organization.

Need help with ISO27001?_

Take your organization to the next level of maturity! Contact us now if you need help with an ISO27001 certificate.

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