Leading digital transformations_

During a 6 month period, we’ve been the technical leader for all blockchain activities within the KLM digital transformation lab. Where we displayed our technical validation skills by guiding the development of a number of proof of concepts.

As a technical leader, we know a lot about digital innovation. One of them is Blockchain. And that is also a innovation that organisation want to discover. Lucky for them, they can call a Nerd for help.

For example KLM who wanted to set up several proof of concepts with Blockchain. During a 6 month period our Nerds helped KLM defining, developing and implementing proof of concept.

From ideation to implementation to POC_

One of the successful proof of concepts is called “bluecoin”. An internal loyalty programm using Blockchain. We guided this whole project from start to finish. But we didn’t only guide the project from ideation to implementation, we also had our share in building the proof of concept itself. This is where we saw all our strengths come together. validation process

Work hard, play later_

During this project we went from ideation to the actual proof of concept in only two weeks. The collaboration during this project was flexible and very smooth. To do this in only two weeks was a real challenge, everyone worked late hours to come up with a good proof of concept. Once we knew we had enough resources and people, we went to work and “never” stopped during those two weeks.

That is how we roll!