(Senior) Consultant_

Technical boss_

Because we are growing fast, we are always looking for new nerds who can join our team! Are you the nerd we are looking for?

  • Do you have the technical skills to work with any programming language?;
  • Do you like different technical challenges?;
  • Are you a technical leader or do you want to be one?;
  • Are you in for some typical office jokes?;
  • Do you like to work with the latest innovations?

If the answer to at least 3 of these questions is yes! Do not hesitate to apply!

What will you be doing?_

You will assist our clients in solving their technical challenges. This might mean that on Monday and Tuesday you will be working on the implementation of software, while on Wednesday you’ll be giving a presentation to a management team on software quality. On Thursday you’ll be reviewing work built by a supplier of one of our clients and on Friday you can work on internal projects, help out our sister-companies with internal compliance activities or learn all about blockchain.

What do we expect of you?_

We are an ambitious company, and like to keep our customers close. So we expect you can discuss tech-stuff with our customers and with us. Because we do a lot of cool nerdy stuff, you need to be flexible enough to dive in some new programming languages, innovations or other mathers. You might be developing a solution or advising on one. It might be in house with our customers or in our home office in Alkmaar.

We think typical NaaS skills are:

  • You like interaction with our clients, are enthusiastic and have a healthy doses of humour;
  • You can convince your colleagues and clients in English and in Dutch;
  • You have broad programming experience, doesn’t matter what kind of programming;
  • You don’t mind operation on your own and you have an eagle eye for commercial opportunities;
  • You want to learn new things, every day, every hour;
  • You don’t need to have a BSc of MSc, but you do think like a master (Yoda).

What you can expect of us?_

It is important to know what we expect from you. But if you become that end level boss, you wil get some awesome things in return!

  • Most of all, never a dull moment. We work for big organisations like KLM, Bosch and Deloitte, so there is nothing boring about the work we do;
  • Off course you can develop yourself, we even demand you learn new cool stuff;
  • We organise a lot of social events, from mini-festivals to friday afternoon drinks, to lip dubs and more;
  • You are not alone, besides your NaaS colleagues, you will have 140 more techy colleagues working in the same building;
  • A tight knit team with fellow nerds who like technical challenges just as much as you do;
  • Off course there is a Macbook, but what about the discount on a personal trainer and free gym access (because we have one) 25 days paid leave and pension plan. Yes we have great primary benefits, but the secondary makes it really cool;
  • Did we mentioned the social events already.

Interested to work with us_

If you are interested to work with us, send an email to: careers@nrds.eu. Or give us a call on: +31 (0)884 654 545!