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Lisette Anink_

Meet Lisette_

Lisette Anink studied biomedical sciences with a master’s degree in systems biology. She created computer models of biological systems to quantify and create dynamic hypotheses. But she also had a lot of love for IT, and thus, she became the first official nerd to join Nerd as a Service.

Lisette officially started as principal consultant on the first of July 2018, but Nerd a Service was already contracting her before that. What made Lisette decide to work at Nerd as a Service full time?

“Nerd as a Service is a small but ambitious company that likes to work on projects we enjoy doing. That means a lot of variety in the type of projects that we do. The attitude of thinking in solutions, not in problems and the freedom to choose any solution that fits the problem”.

A creative nerd_

Lisette lives in Heerhugowaard with her family. She lives in a nice, new and child-friendly neighbourhood. She especially likes it because it’s close enough to ride her bike to work.

When we compare all our nerds, we can rapidly conclude that Lisette is the most creative nerd of us all. She likes to make jewellery, bake cakes, and try out new recipes in her spare time. Lisette can be caught spending hours on Pinterest trying to find that one unique project to work on or just to look at funny memes.

But what makes Lisette the perfect nerd to work for us? Lisette has an inquisitive nature which she uses to understand why she does things, and she also uses it to understand why the customer wants things done in a certain way. Understanding these two factors enables Lisette to ask if the intended ways are actually the ways to accomplish certain things.


Spending time with her family and having a job where she gets the freedom to do things in her way makes Lisette happy. Happiness is, besides her family, something Lisette values most in life. She will give 100% to make herself happy, but she will provide even more to make our customers happy.

“I want to be happy. Happiness is the greatest good in the world. I want a job that I enjoy doing and which gives me the means to do what I enjoy in my free time”.

This creative nerd also likes to travel a bit. She especially loves India. According to Lisette, India contains the most beautiful places in the world and if you want to travel, you should really visit it sometime. Lisette is a hard-working, happy and creative nerd with a passion for everything she does. She is an adorable person to be around, and we are very glad that we can call Lisette one of our nerds.

Meet Lisette?_

Are you interested in meeting this nerd? Sure! Call us now to see what we can do for you. +31(0)884 654 545

After proofreading this article, Lisette noted that she values the Oxford comma. Jeroen entirely agrees!