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Suzanne Flaton_

Meet Suzanne_

Suzanne Flaton, born and raised in Alkmaar. She joined Nerd as a Service as an associate consultant to share her knowledge and experience with us and our customers. Like most of us, she didn’t study anything IT-related because she studied chemistry.

She decided to study chemistry because she has a natural drive to figure out how things work and she believes that chemistry is the starting point of every building block.

So how does a person go from studying chemistry to becoming an tactical software consultant at Nerd as a Service? – Well, Suzanne couldn’t find the right job in chemistry and finding a job you enjoy is very important. When someone asked her to participate in a web-development Bootcamp, she started to do some research about IT. She almost instantly got hooked and stopped searching for a career in chemistry to pursue a career in IT, which eventually brought her to us.

Why Nerd as a Service?_

After learning something about Suzanne’s background story it may be interesting to find out what Suzanne finds most appealing about working for Nerd as a Service.

“I really like the fact that Nerd as a Service is still a small company, so you really know who you’re working with. The variety of projects and techniques is awesome, you learn many new things every day.”

Knowing why Suzanne likes to work for Nerd as a Service is only one part of the story. The other side of the story is why she is an important addition to the Nerd as a Service team.

Being able to become one of the nerds means that you need certain skills. As we very much like to see at Nerd as a Service, Suzanne is always ready to learn new things and develop new skills. She also never gives up until she has found the solution which fits the customer needs perfectly. Given the fact that we like to customize a solution for an organization, this is an essential skill to have if you want to join our team of nerds.


Besides the serious work stuff, it is also very important to take some time to relax. Suzanne finds her comfort in crafting and when we say crafting, we really mean crafting anything. You can ask her to make you some jewelry or even to make you a stuffed animal.

“pretty much anything that allows me to create something with my hands.”

These creative skills are added value when you work for Nerd as a Service. Customizing advice for organizations and working with different kinds of people requires a certain amount of creativity. So by being creative in her own time, she not only relaxes but also, unconsciously, develops the skills she needs to thrive at work.

Getting motivation out of knowledge_

Besides being creative, Suzanne is — in her own words — a knowledge junkie. She gets her motivation in life out of learning as many new things as possible.

When she is done with learning new things or being creative, she will also get a great deal of motivation out of her family. She describes family as a very important part of her live and therefore family is a big motivator for Suzanne.

Suzanne is your nerd!_

So as you have read, Suzanne can help you and your organization by creating creative solutions for many different software or IT related challenges. Do you want to chat about your challenges? Contact us now!

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