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Esmee Kraakman_

Meet Esmee_

Esmee Kraakman, our nerdy intern from Heerhugowaard, started at the beginning of February in 2022 as an intern consultant. She found us through her neighbour that works with Nerd as a Service. One thing led to the other, so she met Jeroen and became one of the nerds!

After meeting Jeroen, Esmee was excited to start her Nerd as a Service internship. ‘Based on Jeroen’s Whatsapp photo, where he takes a big bite of a sparerib, he immediately seemed like a funny and nice man. During my conversation with Jeroen, he sounded excited to have a new intern to help him. He explained about the services that Nerd as a Service does, what I could learn from, and the things I could do. The fact that Nerd as a Service is a small company and I would have to deal with many different aspects seemed like a good challenge and opportunity to learn and develop myself. The personal growth and eagerness to learn that is wanted and expected of you also sounded very appealing.’

Now we know her reasons to join us; let’s get the whole story of this nerd: Esmee Kraakman.

Cyber Security_

Currently, Esmee is studying Cyber Security at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Since Esmee studies Cyber Security, she has some fundamental knowledge of information security. She often hears that she is a creative out-of-the-box thinker. So when there is a problem, she will come up with innovative solutions. This nerd doesn’t like to give up and will keep going till it is solved! In addition, we think that Esmee’s social and positive character makes her a great Nerd member!

“My reason for this education is because I want to be able to protect computer operating systems, networks, and data from cyber-attacks. I love the fact that there are always new things to learn in this field and that it’s constantly changing. Also, I think it’s just really cool.”

“Life is like a piano”_

‘Life is like a piano. What you get out of it depends on how you play it.’ This is the quote Esmee lives by. She explains: ‘Life is like a piano piece made up of notes. Sometimes, you will hit the wrong one, but we continually try to hit the right ones to make a beautiful piece. This is the journey we make, written by us as composers and the notes we chose to play.’

So, how does Esmee play her daily life? If Esmee is not busy with school or work, she likes to play the piano or guitar, play sports like soccer, watch series (anime) or read fantasy novels. She also loves going out with her friends, playing games, or just chilling and talking together.

Work hard, play hard_

Esmee’s goal for the next ten years is to have a good steady job in Cyber Security, do work she loves, and have the possibility to work abroad sometimes. She would also like to have a house with a husband and a kid at that time.

Esmee describes herself as pretty competitive. A real winning mentality. Esmee likes winning. When she starts something, she wants to be good at it to be confident. That is her inner drive. Esmee also gets her motivation from her family and friends. “I want to be financially stable, which gives me the means to give back the love and presents they gave me and do fun things in life together.” If you gave her a million euros, she would invest and buy real estate but also treat her friends, family, and boyfriend to a holiday.

Speaking of winning, Esmee once won a music competition playing the piano. So, what advice does she give everyone?

“Work hard on something and get the result you want.”

According to Esmee, it will make you feel happy, content, and pleased with yourself. She adds that it will give you a real confidence boost, and your trust in your abilities to perform will also get an upswing. Also that it will motivate you to do better in the long run. ‘The experience will be great!’

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