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Airiin Pakarinen_

Meet Airiin_

Airiin Pakarinen is a legal nerd starting at Nerd as a Service in June 2022 after their legal internship at Betty Blocks. During the internship Airiin often worked closely with us and was fascinated by Nerd as a Service’s work and methods. ‘The last two weeks of my internship I helped NaaS with their audits. Afterwards Jeroen offered me a job at Nerd as a Service. To be able to be a nerd at NaaS was a great honor! #Bestteam’.

We also found it a great honor Airiin. She adds that she’s looking forward to the legal challenges at Nerd as a Service, growing as a professional and learning from our fellow experienced and smart nerds.

We nerds are excited to start this journey together and see where it leads! We know Airiin’s legal knowledge and set of mind will bring a good balance to the more tech focused skills of the rest of the team.

This legal nerd is originally from Finland and moved to study law in the Netherlands in 2018. She continues her studies for BA International and European Law at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, with the Minors for Cybersecurity and Legal Technology. Airiin added that:

“Law and information security go well together, since information security is much regulated by laws and it follows a similar logic of adhering to rules and implementing them.”

We totally agree with this statement!

“One cannot work smart if they are hungry”_

The legal mindset is present with this nerd at all times. “Work smart not hard” is a motto Airiin learned from her supervisor at Betty Blocks. She said it means optimizing processes so that you don’t need to stress and worry, leaving more time for things that are important to you. It’s tied to Airiin’s main guiding motivation in life and work – curiosity, always wanting to learn more and finding creative ways to do things more efficiently improving workflows.

To this nerd, food is also a great motivation, because according to them “One cannot work smart if they are hungry”.

Upside down_

Apart from nerding about the GDPR, the Amsterdam based legal nerd enjoys listening to non-fiction audio books, dog walking in parks and daily movement practice routine. In 10 years Airiin wishes to be happy and to have a solid handstand.

“A solid handstand is something everyone should aim for in life, if physically possible.”

We asked Airiin what they would do if they received 1 million euros right now, to which she replied: “If I received 1 million euros right now, I would invest it in crypto since whilst having this interview we’re currently facing a bear market and how that money will multiply during bull market would be astronomical.” Great plan, however too bad money doesn’t grow on trees :(

Any question regarding Information Security Law? Then as you have read, Airiin is the nerd you need. Contact us now and our legal nerd will be glad to be of service!