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Big 4 quality, startup approachability_

Being a small start-up in a big world can be a bit difficult. But this does not mean that you have to stop dreaming. In the contrary, you need to keep dreaming in order to make an impact in this day and age. We as Nerd as a Service deliver our services with the same or even better quality of/than the big 4 consulting firms, but all of this with the approachability of a start-up and here is why!

Quality at Nerd as a Service_

After our experience with different organizations, we have seen that the quality of software is getting worse. We noticed that there often is a tactical gap in organizations and that this is one of the reasons that the quality of software is rapidly getting worse.

It is becoming harder for higher management to maintain their technical knowledge in an ever changing world. This makes it harder to maintain good communication between developers and management and to really understand what a developer is doing on a daily base.

To help improve the quality of software in many organizations, we help filling in this tactical gap organizations and therefore become the partner Jeroen (Chief executive Nerd) actually would have liked to have himself (when he was still developing software himself). With our services we provide high quality advice to improve your software quality.

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Delivering quality

We've worked for_

"Nerd as a Service delivered high quality services combined with a lot of enthusiasm."

Tommie van der Bosch_

Senior manager Blockchain of Deloitte

Being approachable

Approachability at Nerd as a service_

Because Nerd as a Service was created in the northern part of holland, where people are very open and honest, we like to be as approachable as a startup can be for you. Transparency is one of the things we value most at Nerd as a Service.

When we are consulting on a project, our consultants won’t hold their tongue. We like to give honest and transparent advice because we know that only then, you will get the best possible results out of your projects.

Being open and honest can also work the other way around. During projects our consultants are as approachable as you would like them to be. If we are able to be open and honest to you, you can expect to be as open and honest to our consultants as we are to you.

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Our consultants_

So as you can read, during the projects they run, our consultants will make sure that you get advice of the quality you expect. They achieve this by using their skills and completely customizing their advice to your organization.

They do all of this whilst being as open and honest as you would like to build a good relationship and achieve mutual trust. You’ll never be afraid to ask questions when they are running around at your company and they won’t be afraid to ask you questions which will only help to smoothen the collaboration between both parties.

By combining this, we can offer the same quality of the big 4, but with the approachability of a start-up! Do you want to get to know our nerds a bit better? Just click one of the nerds below and read their story.

More about our nerds_

Our consultants combine their understanding of a business domain with their technical skills to give you advice which is completely customized for your organization. This requires focus, knowledge and time from our consultants to get to know your business. They also need some freedom to do what they do best; find a perfect solution for your challenge and provide the best advice and even implement it themselves. Having problems finding the right information to help your organisation make the next step, just hire a nerd!