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Definiton of a solutions partner_

Being the one-stop go-to person for everything that has to do with building software and solving problems within the software development process. Here at Nerd as a Service we have just the right consultants to be that person!

Solutions partner by Nerd as a Service_

At Nerd as a Service, we believe that a solution partner should help business owner with creating a solution or a product. That is why Nerd as a Service will help with designing, validating, implementing and unrolling the solution or product.

You can compare being a solution partner with being a contractor. When you want to build a house you usually hire a contractor to help you through the whole process of building a house. The difference is that we focus on helping business owners with improving their software quality by providing them the right solutions for their problems.

Organizations who don’t have their own developers but still need someone to build the software often need to hire a third party software development organization. We’ve seen that these organizations don’t put much effort in getting to know the business domain they are building for.

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"Nerd as a Service really helped us bringing our organisation to a higher level."

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Being a technical solution partner

Filling a tactical gap_

A solution partner will fill a gap in organizations. A solution partner will put effort in learning about the business domain you operate in but he will also put effort in understanding the software that you're currently using or want to use.

By understanding both your business domain and your software, a solution partner can judge if you’re getting/using the right software for your organization. Or that you need to discuss the scope with the software development organization that is in charge of building your software.

Having a solution partner is crucial if you have little or no experience with building software. he/she will prevent you from getting/using wrong software because you don’t have the right resources to make the right decision. Keep reading to find out what makes our consultants the perfect solution partner for your organization

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Our consultants combine excellent technical skills, a natural curiosity and the drive to provide you with the right solutions for any problems you have with your software quality. Every single one of our consultants will give 100% for your organization. They are not here to only solve one of your problems and go, no they are here to build a real partnership with you so that they can be that go-to person for you now and in the future. Combining their many skills with the drive to build a real partnership with you, makes our consultants a perfect fit for every kind of organization. Do you want to know for what kind of organizations we’ve already worked for? Than we advise you to visit our cases page.

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